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Seriously, am I the only one?

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girliplier Dimanche 19 Juillet 2015 à 7:24

Okay, so first off, umm, Hi? I'm not much of a programmer, but I love Skyrim. I am looking for help with installing the NMM and SKSE for my game. The is a call for help. Please if I missed something in the forums, please direct me to that. Please help!

Manoon1998 Vendredi 22 Avril 2016 à 14:21

Hi, i just search for SKSE on my own ubuntu 15.10 and it works very well, it is not really detailled but if i can do it you probably can too.


(There's no need to follow all the step by step if your skyrim is already running on linux, just search for the part you're interesting in)


If you need some help... :) good luck


And sorry if i made some gramatical mistakes, i'm french ^^