winxp SP3 loads not windows7 32 bit

creating new virutal drive / box

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Apachedoc Mercredi 12 Aoüt 2015 à 21:07

How do I change the Settings from Windows XP to Windows 7 32 bit installing new virtual box. The system defaults to Windows xp... 32 bit.  Linux mint 17-17.2 64 bit. If there be a ubuntu 14.04 terminal command that would be a big help as well..

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booman Mardi 15 September 2015 à 23:12

The only time I've seen Wine Configuration default to Windows XP is when I install dotnet packages:

  • dotnet20
  • dotnet30
  • dotnet35
  • dotnet40

You just have to go and change it back to Windows 7 after you setup a game.

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petch Mercredi 16 September 2015 à 0:01

That's a setting in "winecfg", which can be accessed several ways:

- During a "Non-listed" installation, select "Configure Wine" step so winecfg is called during the installation;

Otherwise, for an existing virtual drive,

- the easiest way to use if you already have a shortcut to a program that resides in the virtual drive, is Right-click on shortcut > Configure Wine;

- the other one is slightly more complicated to access, but does not require a shortcut: Configure button > (select virtual drive) > Wine tab > Configure Wine button.

Once winecfg is opened, Application tab > Wine version

In an install script, or from Configure button > (select virtual drive) > Miscellaneous tab > "Open a terminal from this virtual drive" button, you can use Set_OS to modify this setting.

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