How to install Adobe AIR for League of Legends

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Elderzz Dimanche 20 September 2015 à 13:21

Can anyone help me with installing Adobe Air for League of Legends? 

Every time I try to install it from PlayOnLinux "Install Components" section, it does not work.

It just says "The application requires a version of Adobe Air which can not be found"

Please can anyone help me???

JLipinski Samedi 26 September 2015 à 20:13

Hi Elderzz. I was just about to post the same problem. Doing some searching, I found that I had a problem with dnsapi.dll. This was observed by the feedback provided when trying to install the air component.

To fix, go to configure, wine, configure wine, then move to the libraries tab. Click on the dnsapi entry, click edit, then switch to builtin.

This allowed me to install the air component and run League.

Now I have to figure out why sound isn't working, but I think there's a good amount out there on that problem too and it shouldn't be related to this.

For reference, I'm running the current version of Antergos.

mcaves Mardi 8 Décembre 2015 à 13:24

Hi JLipski


Thanks for the info, but for some odd reason i`m not able to open "Configure Wine"


It quickly loads and closes.


My solution was to install the playonlinux development. I bit of a bloat, but shiiii -- worked like a charm ;)

GEORGEM Vendredi 25 Janvier 2019 à 15:44

For anyone in 2019, your PoM version should be switched to 3.17, I'm not sure if the dnsapi.dll edit still needs to be performed, but it doesn't hurt I suppose. Also make sure you use the most recent version of Adobe Air, the one in the "Install Components" tab is outdated (18.?). You can get from <>. To my knowledge, your Windows version doesn't matter, Both Windows 10 and Windows XP worked.

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