attempting to installing SWOTOR

error message

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Bluefer Mardi 20 Octobre 2015 à 19:36

Trying to install SWOTOR with Playonmac. 

selected Install a program

selelcted SWOTOR as the program to install

received a choice to use SETUP to intall and not Download

got a message saying there was an error abd program was not installed. 

filed a bug report

Did I make the wrong choice of how to install? Help appreciated.

petch Mardi 20 Octobre 2015 à 20:16

What file did you choose after selecting "setup"? Do you own this game?

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Stargreeter Mardi 27 Octobre 2015 à 22:42

Well, you will have to wait for a long time, while it is downloading (installing, patching). It is a free MMorpg.

You need the client, to play it. And you have to load it down.

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