Move game install folder from old wine to POL?

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Xenarc Dimanche 13 Décembre 2015 à 20:46


My computer has several game folders in the distro default wine that I was trying to get working. POL was recommend to me and I have had great luck so far installing additional games (thank you all!).

Is it better for me to remove the very outdated wine (1.4) along with the game files associated with it and then redownload the games through POL or is there a way to move those folders so I don't need new downloads?

My internet is not metered so I can redownload if it is the better method, I just need to warn the roommates if I'm going to hog the bandwidth for a while.


petch Lundi 14 Décembre 2015 à 0:00


PlayOnLinux does not manage Wine "prefixes" it didn't create itself, and there's no supported way to move existing prefixes inside PlayOnLinux, but it shouldn't be too difficult to do manually either.

If you already have some PlayOnLinux virtual drives already, or create one manually using Configure button > New button (at the bottom left of Configure window), you can see that subdirectories below ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/ are basically Wine prefixes, plus one playonlinux.cfg that contains at least informations like Wine version and architecture to use, and a playonlinux.log file that's entirely optional.

So you can, say, create a virtual drive in PlayOnLinux then replace all but the playonlinux.cfg and playonlinux.log with the registry files, dosdevices and drive_c directories from an existing prefix, and be good to go...

Xenarc Lundi 14 Décembre 2015 à 1:09

Thank you!