Pathologic Classic HD - Extremely Dark Display

Game runs smoothly, but renders everything in low gamma

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Strielok Lundi 22 Février 2016 à 6:27


This is something I've been trying to solve on my own for a while now by experimenting with different renderers, drivers and GLSL support settings - all in vain.

I run PoL on Debian Linux - Crunchbang #! to be precise; Intel processor; 4GB Ram; Nvidia card (Lenovo G580)
Both Steam and the game execute alright. There are two issues however:

1. The game is very dark. I turned gamma all the way up and it doesn't help. Some textures (on some of the NPCs and main menu fonts) seem to be brighter than the rest, but overall low brightness renders it unplayable.

2. Secondary issue is with the ingame videos. They have no sound. I found the directory in the game tree that contains them and they are short .wmv clips - yet the game renders them just as dark and mute. This is not as important, I can live without them, but maybe someone here might have a clue as to why.


Mad props for everything you guys do. I have zero experience with emulators and this particular game is of great importance to me. Thank you all in advance.