What is the best way to backup your POL virtual machines for use on a new system?

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DistroH0pper Mercredi 2 Mars 2016 à 20:06

First of all: THANK YOU for such an amazing piece of software! POL helped me move from Windows to Linux full time, no dual boot, so you have my thanks many times over.

I'm not sure how to backup my POL virtual drives for use on another system. I've been distro hopping lately, and I'm about to hop again, so I wanted to check.

In the past, I tried backing up the VM directories. Then on the new system, I would install the appropriate Wine versions, and then copy the VM folders back in. This produced nothing but Wine errors and so I wiped all the containers and started fresh.

Is there any way to do a "drop in" backup of a POL install?

Thanks again!

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booman Vendredi 4 Mars 2016 à 0:50

The best way is to backup the virtual drives located here:


The only problem is there are some links to your Documents in the virtual drive.  So I would only copy the "drive_c" in each virtual drive so you don't end up copying your entire Linux Documents in the process.

Now restoring them can be a bit harder, but is possible.  When I restore, I re-create the virtual drive as a manual installation with the same libraries and wine version.  Then I just copy/paste the backed up "drive_c" over the new one and the game should run fine.  You might have to make new shortcuts

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