PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 16.04

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slonnik Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 à 15:52

Hi I would like to ask whether PlayOnLinux works also on latest Ubuntu version

I was running Ubuntu 12.04 and POL was workign fine.

Today, I upgraded on Ubuntu 16.04 (fresh install - kernel 4.4.0-21) and I cannot make POL work.

I installed PlayOn Linux v but it does not appear among installed programs so I do not know how to start it. I can only see that it is installed in Synaptic Package Manager


Could you please help me to find out what is wrong?


Thank you

Addickeva Vendredi 29 Avril 2016 à 7:30

You can start it via terminal with the command 'playonlinux' or you can create a desktop shortcut from /usr/share/app-install/desktop find playonlinux right click copy to then choose desktop


hope this helps


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wuchko90 Vendredi 29 Avril 2016 à 17:57

LoL thx!!!