Missing Libraries

I'm an idiot.

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logan2605 Vendredi 13 Mai 2016 à 2:10

So i managed to somehow delete some extremely bloody important system files and libraries from my home folder and my system is in all sorts of screwed up.

One thing i've noticed is that nothing in play one linux works currently, what libraries are needed for playonlinux to run and how do i get ahold of them? 

And if anyone wants to help me outside the realm of play on linux, my moniter under my moniters preference is listed as "unkown" and only lists 3 resolution types, what missing library could cause this?

I'm on Linux Ultimate 4.2 Gamers edition. I know it would be easier to just buy a flash drive and reinstall the OS, but i can't afford one as of yet and my computer cannot burn disks, so if i can fix this by getting the libraries and .dll's manually i'd like to do so.

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