How do I install the same application into my new 64 bit prefix?

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ProfessorKaos64 Vendredi 13 Mai 2016 à 14:07

I have Steam installed to the default 32 bit prefix it creates. I made a new virtual drive with a 64 bit WINE prefix. However I have no idea how to install Steam to that virtual drive, as using the install wizard will just create a new virtual drive it seems, or replace the current one it's installed to. Can someone please point me to documentation? Or list the steps? I'd prefer documentation if there is, so I can link to it (I maintain some tools/scripts/software for SteamOS called SteamOS-Tools).

Sorry if I am being a n00b on this one. My aim is to have a 32 bit virtual drive with Steam and a 64 bit virtual drive with Steam (yes I realize Steam itself is 32 bit, this is mainly because of the new DOOM that needs a 64 bit prefix).



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