Glyph Client - Crash on start

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ILoveGurochan Vendredi 20 Mai 2016 à 18:25


Kubuntu 14.04.4. I'm installing Glyph client using PlayOnLinux 4.2.5 on a 32-bit wineprefix with wine 1.7.49.

However i can't launch the client,the process just crashes on start without any window of error.

I tried installing some winetricks,here's the list:

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terryc Samedi 11 Juin 2016 à 8:16

Run it under the debug option and see what the errors are.

This is the controller for Trion Games?

I'm using 1.7.55 atm.

I can not rember if it was one of the progs that requies multiple installs till it completes properly.