CoD World at War - DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

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agadomas Lundi 27 Juin 2016 à 10:16

I'm trying to launch WaW through Steam and once it launches I get a black screen with the message - DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error.. I'm using PlayOnMac , DirectX was installed and I don't know what to do... any help would be very much appreciated :) Thanks
OMyCodd Lundi 27 Juin 2016 à 23:15

I literally am encountering the exact same issue as you.. Someone please help! I stupidly bought WaW on Steam without realizing it was PC only, so I would love to get it working via PlayOnMac!

agadomas Mardi 28 Juin 2016 à 14:34

I got it to work man. You need to install and use steam through a wineskin wrapper and it should be running an engine with the exact version 1.7.20 ( the engine version of the wrapper) . This works for me and some other people. I have no knowledge of any fixes for PlayOnMac though...

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