League Of Legends PlayonLinux 4.0.18 is required

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llars1994 Vendredi 15 Juillet 2016 à 22:41

Hey all,

I just got my new Chromebook and installed Linux (Ubuntu) directly. Now I am trying to install League of Legends since this was the game I always used to play on my previous Windows computer. However when trying to install LoL on playonlinux I get the error:

[main] Fatal: PlayonLinux 4.0.18 is required to install League of Legends

I already googled around a bit but was not yet able to find a solution. Is anyone able to help me out :)? Much appreciated! 





llars1994 Vendredi 15 Juillet 2016 à 23:06

Never mind, I just didnt have the newest version, thought it would directly install the newest version.. Sorry guys..;)

teenujohn Samedi 16 Juillet 2016 à 11:57

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