how to create a shorcut with "alltray" command

to minimize the program to panel at startup

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luiscuadrado123 Lundi 5 Décembre 2016 à 21:31

Hello, the question is simple (i think).

how can i create a shortcut for an app in POL that have the "alltray" command to minimize to the panel at the startup of the application...

if I edit the current shortcut created by POL, adding alltray at the begining of line, it dosen't work.

luiscuadrado123 Mercredi 14 Décembre 2016 à 12:22

any idea?

i want to edit a shortcut created by POL.. and put in there the command "alltray". This command can minimize any app to the notification panel (like "miminize to tray" on windows).


for example if i edit the shortcut of any linux app.. like GIMP... and edit:

RUN: "alltray GIMP"

the program start minimized on the tray bar.

but if i edit a POL shorcut, it dosn't work... the app don't start