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Silberfan Dimanche 5 Mars 2017 à 12:08

Hello Guys

I´m new here ,sory for my bad english.

I´m using any times POL but in last time my Game Neverwinter can´t play.

In the past it was installed with Direct X 9 but the supports ends on 03/01/2017

Some new installations with newers Versions missed.

Some wine versions checked but in last Versions 1.7.40  Neverwinter Online not work.

Some Versions with Windows 7 as Identical and higher does´t work.

I´m look for an correct guidelines how to install correct Neverwinter Online who can Play it.





Silberfan Lundi 6 Mars 2017 à 16:28


maybe iti hopes anyone can helps me.

sth0r Jeudi 9 Mars 2017 à 14:35

it is because the "official" scrips emulates win xp but neverwinter does not support this any more, someone already made a "update" to fix this problem but i cannot test it because the urlhandler does not work and noone replys to my report about it...

booman Mardi 14 Mars 2017 à 16:54

You can always try a manual installation.  Basically creating a new virtual drive, configuring Wine for windows 7, selecting packages to install and then installing the client and updating the game.

I do manual installations for every game, even Neverwinter.

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