Audio Devices not appearing in winecfg

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Doodimus Dimanche 5 Mars 2017 à 23:08

I'm trying to reinstall Skyrim after my hard drive died and am having difficulty.

I used the install script for Steam, and installed Skyrim which loads and runs kind of OK. There's no sound, and also the intro 'video' of the Bethesda logo doesn't play - there's just a couple of seconds of black screen then the main menu options (Continue etc).

When I go to Configure for the new Steam item in POL, the audio tab only shows HDMI channels from my video card.

However I don't use HDMI for video or audio, my monitor is connected via DVI and my speakers are connected to the PC's audio jack.

What can I do to get POL to use the audio on my PC motherboard not the video card?

Thanks in advance