[Update2] Hearthston on POL stuck on Black screen.

unable to install wininet

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MrMirza Dimanche 16 Juillet 2017 à 12:35

Hi there

The first time I installed the hearthstone from the file downloaded from blizzard via "Installing a non-listed program". In that time luncher was loaded and the only problem was starting hearthstone it stuck at a black screen.

The second time I tried to download from the list of POL. First time I got errors but second time after I got error and Luncher did not install and crashed. I just copied the Blizzard app folder from the old download and replaced it.


Update 2:

It seems that I should instal wininet but installing from POL list does not work because this file is removed from MS servers. How should I install it ?

command winetricks wininet did not work because of the same problem.


Why when hearthstone starts stucks at a  Black screen ?

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