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VixorDeland Jeudi 10 Aoüt 2017 à 2:28

So, I've been currently trying to figure out the SWTOR bug, and from what I've gathered is that Wine Staging 2.14 is the version that needs to run to fix the problem. I've made it so far as to download Wine Staging 2.14 from the Developer's site, but I'm curious as to implement it into the Play on Mac application to where you can configure each invidual game's versions.

plata Mardi 22 Aoüt 2017 à 19:08

Wine staging 2.14 should be available in Play on Mac by now, so no need to download it manually. Also, you might want to check out the existing SWTOR script we have for the upcoming Phoenicis PlayOnMac 5 (see