Problems with dotnet 3 and above install

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ianpohl Lundi 21 Aoüt 2017 à 12:25


I want to install dotnet 4.5 on a 32 bit Virtual Disk.

Have alot of problem with the install process stopping on dotnet 3.0.

Has a problem with the download URL.

Got around that install dotnet 3.0sp1 manually.

Get dotnet 4.0 installed and then have problems with 4.5.

Is there an easier way of install dotnet 4.5.

The process also takes a long time.



realsuamor Vendredi 25 Aoüt 2017 à 22:37

Download official .Net 4.5.1 (not the dotnet45, you may want to check the script however). You can install it manually on top of dotnet40 installation.

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