want to install Linux

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priya01 Dimanche 15 Octobre 2017 à 5:29

Hello friends

i want to install linux in my pc, how can i install ?, can anyone share the details Please ?

De1m0s Mercredi 18 Octobre 2017 à 21:19


Which version?

For Mint, go to  , download one of the iso (f.e. mint cinnamon, 64 bit), burn on dvd or unzip the iso and copy the files to an usb-stick. Reboot, change in bios the boot-sequence to dvd or usb as first boot-device, insert dvd or usb-stick, reboot. On the boot-menu, choose now "Start linux mint". Now, the pre-installation-mint starts. You'll have an icon "install linux mint" now on the temporary desktop. Klick this icon, and the installation starts.

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