Multilingual scripts

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meloves Vendredi 23 Mai 2008 à 5:00

It might be too much but I think it would be good if we could add more translations to the scripts messages.

For example:

message "Cliquez sur Suivant uniquement quand l'installation sera finie" "Installation" + message "Click close when finish installing" "Installation"

Sorry, I don't speak french.
GNU_Raziel Vendredi 23 Mai 2008 à 8:50

Inside many scripts, you have language detection but scritors do not know howto translate it most of the time so if you want you can PM me translations (in your natural language and if it's supported by POL) for scripts and I will and it.

For english it's not require most of the time because englaish translation already exist in files, only a little problem with language detection, fully corrected in POLv3.
meloves Vendredi 23 Mai 2008 à 15:39

I fully understand but I found many french texts inside the scripts.

My current language is Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).

Ok, I'll check if POL has pt_br locale and I'll try to translate the scripts.

Thank you.

Oh, almost forgot! I'm not currently using Linux because my computer (with dual boot OpenSuse + WinXP) is broken. But it will be fixed ASAP. Is it really hard to write scripts??? Because I'd really like to do it! I guess I could use POL scripts as examples. As soon as I get my pc back I'll start doing these things.