How do you fix broken link to files from "Install Components"

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powercat Vendredi 19 Janvier 2018 à 4:46

Sup guys,


Trying to install some packages but running into issues such as file not at the same URL.


I can see the pol file in the tmp directory but can't run them within a container I created, and it looks like it donwoads the pol file from these servers.


So how do you actually fix them? I can't get dot net 3.5 installed cause of that!!

xattr Samedi 20 Janvier 2018 à 10:31

Thats related to Bug #5413 wich was created back in 2016. The download links for dotnet 3 & 3.5 have not been fixed since than, and I doubt it will ever be.

There a solution in the bug report how you can fix it by manually downloading the dotnet installer and put it into the ressource directory.

powercat Mardi 30 Janvier 2018 à 0:08

Well this goes for any package. How do you install a POL file in an existing wineprefix? Doesn't look like there's any way


So any broken link in any POL file from within POL won't install. Great design...