Applications Don't Recognise My Main Monitor

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Haravikk Jeudi 25 Janvier 2018 à 19:14

So the issue I'm having is that I'm trying to run a game that unfortunately will only run in fullscreen on the primary display. Problem is, PlayOnMac/WINE is identifying my monitors in the wrong order, so it's shunting the fullscreen game to my secondary monitor, rather than my primary one. Fortunately I can also run in windowed mode which is enough for now, but I'd really like to resolve this.

I have the same issue with or without emulating a virtual desktop; all of my settings under the Display tab for the virtual drive are set to use defaults, there's nothing custom there.

I know that both displays are being recognised correctly, as they're both shown in logs, and both are listed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wine/Mac Driver/Initial Display Mode, they're just in the wrong order.

Is it possible to switch the order of my monitors in PlayOnMac/WINE, or to somehow specify the correct one as my primary display?