[ZFS] Custom hook after modification of virtual drive

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cniry Dimanche 11 Février 2018 à 3:59


I have PlayOnLinux virtual drives on ZFS and I want to create snapshot before virtual drive create or modify.


In my ideal scenario I want to:

- create zfs dataset before/after creation of playonlinux virtual drive
- create snapshot when i change wine settings or install addons


Actually, I have scripts for this, but I must call my scripts manually, which is so annoying...

Is there some hooks inside PlayOnLinux, what I can use to call my scripts?


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Tutul Dimanche 11 Février 2018 à 10:22

As far as I know, there aren't any kind of hook. But you can enventually use a script to male the snapshot + start POL

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plata Dimanche 11 Février 2018 à 11:13

We have pre/post install hooks for Phoenicis PoL/PoM 5 (see They are invoked during the installation of an application. I'm not sure if you could use them for your needs.

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