Missing "install non-listed program"

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whe Samedi 28 Juillet 2018 à 11:41

Hi, I tried to install something but for some weird reason I don't have this option anymore. I think it is a graphical problem and the option is just somehow became too thin to see, because it also happaned to the option "new" in configure, but there I could make it wider with the mouse but here I don't have this option. Can someone help?

(I'm not sure how to add a picture here, so I also asked it on reddit here, with a screenshot:



Edit: Ok I fixed by removing playonlinux totaly and reinstalling (remive wasn't enough I had to "apt purge playonlinux")


Edit2: Ok, the problem returned again but I found another fix, I right-click the window and choose "More Actions" --> "Special Window Settings..." then check the "Maximum Size" box and choose "Force" instead of "Do not affect".  Then you can maximize the window and the problem is gone. 

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booman Mercredi 1 Aoüt 2018 à 1:03

I've never seen this before in almost 5 years of using PlayOnLinux 4.

Is your screen 2K or 4K resolution?

It has to be something with font scaling.

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Bruxo_do_314 Mercredi 12 September 2018 à 3:27

Hi WHE, I am having same problem.

Where did you get "More Actions" --> "Special Window Settings...",. I am lost here.


drdlund Vendredi 21 September 2018 à 22:07

I had this problem too, but used this work around. You must have something else installed from the bundled POL packages to complete this process. I had previously installed Office 2007.

  1. click on the PlayOnLinux configure button
  2. select the Wine tab
  3. Run the Control panel
  4. Run Add/Remove Programs
  5. Click on the Install button
  6. Navigate to and run your installation program
  7. Make a copy of one of the files in ~/.PlayOnLinux/shortcuts. Once you do it will show up as a runnable program in the PlaOnLinux console.
  8. Edit the copy with a text editor and change the cd command as needed and change the name of the executable in the last line
  9. The new app will have the POL icon associated with it. If you have an icon for your app and you know where it is, you can right click on the line for the new app and select Set the icon from the context menu, then navigate to and select application icon
  10. In the Actions menu on the left, you can click Create a shortcut and a desktop shortcut will be created for you. That way you don't have to launch POL just to run your app