How to make TLJ show on screen? Shows fine in screenshots. WTF?

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flatiron Jeudi 30 Aoüt 2018 à 13:17

TLJ used to work, but for some reason now the screen is all low res and corrupted... and it's not showing the game screen, just corrupted versions of my home screen... at least until I take a screenshot. The screenshot shows the game screen just fine.

Why? How to fix?

If I try to used the stock installer specially made for TLJ I get stuck on the part where it's downloading the winxp ENU thing. It downloads all .8 MB, but the bar thing does not move all the way to the end of the bar slot thing, and it just sticks there.

booman Vendredi 14 September 2018 à 1:47

What is TLJ???

I normally do manual installations because the scripted installers are not updated.

Have you tried that yet?

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Jenshae Dimanche 16 September 2018 à 19:42


Keep reminding 60% of mobile phone owners that they are Linux users. o/
flatiron Lundi 24 September 2018 à 10:40

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