Request - Specific Wine version

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inukaze Mercredi 3 Octobre 2018 à 23:00

Hi there, i want to know, if the PlayOnLinux team, and the people in charge of compile wine version. can add a version to the list of x86.

i want to know if possible someone can compile wine with the 16 bpp limit, i read something like that, changing something in the source code, to make sucefully.

this is for games like :
Moto Racer (1997)
Bugs Bunny & Taz : Time Busters

Because the workarounds of 16Bits / 16 Bpp don't work with this titles, and exist another titles, needs forced 16 Bpp, and support 3DFX. the nGlide works perfectly with Wine 1.2. you can try with : Deathkartz, Turok 1 / 2, etc . . .

and if you want use "MIDI" with Wine, i had an Spanish Tutorial make it by myself -> HERE

and Wine 1.2 is the best version for this propusal, because need a little of space in MB, are more compatible, because you can set perfectly Windows 95 or 98, nGlide works perfectly with that version, and the consume of recourse are a few in comparation with the actual branch 3.x