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davery Vendredi 23 Novembre 2018 à 18:16



I play starcraft 2 & use the battlenet app to update it when necessary, but the latest update to that appears to require 3.19 staging.  But my playonlinux doesn't have 3.19-staging in the list of available wine versions.


How do i either manually add it to the list of available wine versions to add to playonlinux or compile it myself and add it manually or provide a compiled copy for others if that's what's necessary to add it to the list?



Quentin PÂRIS Samedi 24 Novembre 2018 à 12:38
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Should be available now

davery Samedi 24 Novembre 2018 à 16:00

It is for x86, but i need it for amd64.  Is there a script i can use to grab/patch/build and copy the appropriate dirs to ~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-amd64/ ?

I'm not sure what all is required to be in there.  More than willing to provide builds/cpu time if that would help anyone.



Tutul Samedi 24 Novembre 2018 à 17:27

We introduce a new system to build the wine version (preparing the transition from v4 to v5). I think the new system only support x86 but the amd64 version should come soon. 

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davery Mardi 27 Novembre 2018 à 2:20

Is there anything i can do to help it along?  Ie work on a script that doesn't work for amd64 yet?  Or anything else?