office 2010 & tahoma32.exe

installing fonts freezes at tahoma32.exe

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lyonj2 Lundi 26 Novembre 2018 à 19:44

Hi, first off i just want to say the way playonlinux handles installations is awesome! i have been trying to install office 2010 and the fact playonlinux automatically downloads whats needed is fantastic.


i am haveing one issue tho, and i cant seem to find a solution looking online, when it comes to downloading the fonts it seems to get stuck on "tahoma32.exe". from what i can guess, this is because the download link no longer works. is there a way i can stop it from trying to download tahoma32.exe and just move onto the next font, (assuming tahoma32.exe is not mandatory for the running of office 2010) or does anyone know a working download link for it? and if so a way to update playonlinux to use that one?

i have also tried copying my fronts from a windows pc to the "/home/jjlyon/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/Office2010/drive_c/windows/Fonts/" including the tahoma font (excluding other fonts with the same name)

kind regards


kingy68 Samedi 29 Décembre 2018 à 22:54

Hi Josh,

Did you ever resolve this problem? I have just hit it also, whilst migrating my Windows 7 system to Mint.

Anyone have any clues?



mistral_blue Mercredi 6 Février 2019 à 23:18

See my post at bottom of the above for a possible workaround...
quillo Mercredi 17 Mai 2023 à 15:13

I don't know if it helps your use case any, but you don't actually need Office 365 to buy newer versions of Office. You can pay full price for a more recent version of Office without online storage or more comprehensive updates (I believe office 365 updates to the most recent version of Office without having to buy new versions) It's still going to be more expensive then Office 365 upfront, but without the reoccurring cost of subscription .

Personally I think a Google Drive subscription is cheaper if you're just looking for the ability to backup files, but I don't quite understand what is missing from Office 2014 or above that makes your project so difficult

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