Why PlayonLinux cannot access any software I want to install

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Sunyp_IM Jeudi 18 Avril 2019 à 7:31

Dear everyone,


I have installed PlayonLinux in my CentOS system and I want to install software such as photoshop, office with it.

However, when I find these software in PlayonLinux and click "install" button, a new window jumps out. This window contains only two lines of texts, which read:

"PlayonLinux wizard

Please read this"

please see the image at


After these two text lines there is nothing in this window.

So it seems that I cannot continue the installation of the software.

Could you tell me the reason of this and how to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance!


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Dadu042 Jeudi 18 Avril 2019 à 7:58

Please tell the exact apps version you select in POL.  And give your POL version.

Sunyp_IM Jeudi 18 Avril 2019 à 8:10

The POL version I installed is 4.3.4.

The photoshop version I selected is CS6

The Office version i selected is Microsoft Office 2010 Activition.

Actually whatever app I select, POL always gives that same blank windows as discribed above.

Dadu042 Jeudi 18 Avril 2019 à 17:04

I've tried on my POL 4.3.4, all is OK.

Perhaps the issue is related to your POL current installation frown ...  Do you have softwares installed in POL? 

Sunyp_IM Vendredi 19 Avril 2019 à 3:45

No software can be installed in POL in my computer now.

What is your suggestion? 

I installed POL by "yum" command of CentoOS. Should I install another version of POL by compilation from source?

Dadu042 Vendredi 19 Avril 2019 à 10:42

In order to "Reset" POL settings, I don't know the right way to do it (perhaps described in: ),

but I can suggest to: 

#1 Close POL
#2 Delete the POL settings folder:  ~/.PlayOnLinux
and perhaps also delete "PlayOnLinux's virtual drives" (not sure if it is necessary in your case).

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