Future of PlayOnLinux With Lutris Increasing Popularity

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trymeout Jeudi 9 Mai 2019 à 19:50

I love PlayOnLinux, it is the best and most user friendly GUI for Wine and allows people to install Windows games and Windows software on Linux and easily manage it.


Lately Linux Gaming is getting bigger, which is great but Lutris is the go-to GUI for installing, launching and managing Windows games. I understand why this is since Linux is very intimidating to new users of Linux and Lutris allows you to easily get into Linux gaming without having too many hoops to go through.


I want to know if because of Lutris, PlayOnLinux is not going to be supported in the years to come since Lutris will replace PlayOnLinux. I personally perfer PlayOnLinux since it is better for the Linux poweruser and allows you to install games and software however you want in different bottles and manage them easily. Lutris is just a game launcher and require scripts to install the games, I do not mind having to launch the Setup.exe and install the game/software just like in PlayOnLinux, which gives the poweruser more control on how the Windows game/application is installed and managed.


I have nothing against Lutris, I just perfer PlayOnLinux!


Will PlayOnLinux be supported and maintaned in the coming years? I do not expect new features or improvements, just as long PlayOnLinux works on future Linux distros and future versions of Wine, I couldn't ask for more.

Dadu042 Jeudi 9 Mai 2019 à 21:27

I have not had the time to test Lutris. I know that the author of Lutris worked hard these last months (on his holidays time). I think we will see from mid 2019 if Lutris continues to develop, or stall.

I would prefer a partnership between the 2.

trymeout Vendredi 10 Mai 2019 à 20:46

I think Lutris is great for those who want to game on Linux and are not computer savvy. PlayOnLinux is great for installing and running windows software but is also great for installing and running Linux games for those who are tech savvy.


Both PlayOnLinux and Lutris is based on Wine, and Wine is getting lots of developement these days than ever. Lutris maybe a popular Wine client in the future, I also want PlayOnLinux to still be maintained especially for those who use it for software.