Advanced Tactics: Gold

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OS Linuxmint 17.2
Apt-get install PlayonLinux

During the ATG install create a 32bit prefix. Dont install .net at the end of the install.
From the PlayonLinux GUI install Wine v1.8-rc4 and set it run the instance.
From the PlayonLinux GUI "install components" tab install dotnet20 and dotnet20sp2

Fix a bad file in the graphics directory:
Linuxmint or something doesnt like a graphics file, its an easy fix.
Open \\Advanced Tactics Gold\graphics\systemgraphicsBIG\cat2\bottom black.png with Gimp(Comes installed with LinuxMint17.2).
Export(Save) bottom black.png in its original location overwriting the original file.

Patch to v221g:
I initially had some trouble patching the game. I copied the v221g patch.exe to the \\Advanced Tactics Gold\ folder.
From the PlayonLinux GUI "Configure button > (select virtual drive) > Miscellaneous tab > "Run an .exe in this virtual drive" button". Select the patch .exe and run it.
If the patch installer says that you dont have ATG installed, delete the instance and try installing the game again.