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vra Jeudi 27 Juin 2019 à 4:47

Hi all, how are you?. I need to install a program, after that update it offline and execute a patch then the update is offline (I have it) and the patcher is only an executable (it doesn't install itself).


How can I do that in the same virtual drive.

Dadu042 Jeudi 27 Juin 2019 à 10:15

booman Mardi 2 Juillet 2019 à 23:13

Normally I will do a manual installation, then I'll go to PlayOnLinux Configure then Miscellaneous Tab.

There you can click "Run an exe file in this virtual drive"

Then I'll find the patch and install it.

It may not be that simple depending on the game/program you are installing.  Sometimes installers require Dot Net Framework or visual C++ to be installed first.  Which is why I do a manual installation... I can install those dependencies ahead of time before the application or patch installs

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