Ubuntu 18.04 provides POL v4.2.12 package (2017...)

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Dadu042 Samedi 2 Novembre 2019 à 18:17

I noticed that Ubuntu 18.04 does provide the POL v4.2.12 package (released in june 2017...). The latest version of POL 4 (and perhaps last of v4) is v4.3.4 (december 2018).

Does someone know who may manage to update the Ubuntu's package to v4.3.4 ?

The main issue is that POL v4.2.12 only gives access to Wine v3.0.3 maximum (while v4.3.4 supports up to v4.15 currently).


Note: POL-POM4's changelog.

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booman Jeudi 7 Novembre 2019 à 23:26

Yeah, same problem with Mint... which probably uses the same packages.

I just download 4.3.4 right from the website... but I'm sure there is a way to submit a new package to Ubuntu developers.

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