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Rusynic Dimanche 17 Novembre 2019 à 0:39

So i did not see poweriso as a supported program for playonlinux, nor did i find a current thread on this particular program, however i installed it anyway and it is working rather flawlessly except for one thing ive noticed so far.

When i go to make a bootable USB (which was the whole reason i installed poweriso)  it will not find any of my usb drives. However if i go to burn a file to CD/DVD it does see both of my actual disk drives (CD/DVD drives). I was wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I want to make this work because i want to be able to make bootable usb drives using .DMG files without having to go to OSX or Windows to make it. Poweriso supports this feature in the windows release but it seems that it is not supported in the linux release, which is why im opting to run it on playonlinux. That and i have a license for it, which doesnt seem to be usable on the linux version either.

No idea what i should do now, i was looking through the virtual drives files to see if i could edit anything, i have some novice programming experience but i cant find the files i would need to make changes to. Or maybe i did find them but i dont know how to edit them. I opened a couple files and it was mostly gibberish. Maybe since its a windows program i have to decompile it?

Any assistance with this would be appreciated, im not holding my breathe though. I have a feeling its just not going to do what i want. Everything else seems to work though. I did convert a DMG to an ISO and save it to the desktop so i can work around this if there is no way to make it work.

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