Doesn\'t try to use the CD-rom

We don\'t always have a CD rom

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ploum Mardi 17 Juin 2008 à 15:46

I'm trying to use MS Office 2003 with Wine and I thought that PlayonLinux would be a great help.

Unfortunatly, I don't have the CD-rom, only an installed version on my system which seem to contain all required installation executable (because running wine manually with them install more or less Office)

The consequence is that PlayOnLinux is unusable for me only because it looks for a CD. It doesn't make sense (you could have the CD-rom copied somewhere on your disk).

Is it possible to make PlayOnLinux recognize an existing Windows version and use it to install instead of continuously looking in /media/cdrom ?
meloves Lundi 14 Juillet 2008 à 16:12

I don't think this will be ever possible.

See you.
shangrily Mercredi 8 Avril 2009 à 4:57

you can try mounting an iso file there it will work like a regular cd