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ReedLawson Lundi 3 Février 2020 à 15:16

Hello guys! I bought a Oculus today. It should arrive tomorrow. I read alot about VR on linux and i watched a lot of VR Videos. But there are very different opinions on the internet.
What is the actually state of VR on Linux?
Is the Hardware working fine? Does steam VR work out of the BOX? Are there good options to calibrate the system? Does someone tried Skyrim VR or Minecraft VR?
I read Beat Saber works fine:) That makes me happy:)
Maybe here is someone who plays on linux with a oculus who can give some tips.
And no switching to Windows is absolutly no option for me. Not even with a dualboot.
If VR sucks i will sell the Oculus again i bought it second hand on ebay.

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