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How to run it

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devanson Lundi 2 Mars 2020 à 17:04

How to run a exe file under PlayonLinux that comes without installation?

I developed some small applications in MS Visual studio that runs in Windows as an exe file. How i can make it to run in Linux using Playonlinux.

Dadu042 Mardi 3 Mars 2020 à 23:48

The easier is to ZIP it, then use one of my scripts (as a base), example : Orca.

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the_n Samedi 7 Mars 2020 à 18:35

You could try this:

1. Put your exe into the virtual drive (optional)

2. Open playonlinux, click Configure, choose your drive in the left, choose Miscellaneous tab in the right

3. Click "Run a .exe in this virtual drive", browse to your exe file, click Open

-->Your exe should run now

You can even create a shortcut for it:

1. Switch to General tab, click "Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive"

2. Pol will scan for executable files in your virtual drive which include your exe file as well (suppose you put it there earilier)

3. Choose your exe and create a shortcut for it

-->Now it even appears in the main pol menu, enjoy




booman Mercredi 11 Mars 2020 à 21:55

Actually you don't have to put the EXE in the virtual drive to run it.  The Misc Tab function to run an .exe in the virtual drive will allow you to browse anywhere to run the EXE.

But, if you want to see errors on an executable, you will need to put it in the Virtual Drive as explained above and then click "Debug" instead of Run.  Then you will see the output errors for your program

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