Microsoft Office 2010 file dialog

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bartoldm Vendredi 22 Mai 2020 à 18:45


I'm having issues with file dialog (file chooser) in Microsoft Office 2010: it became similar to "Wine Explorer", with no sidebar for favorites etc, and no option to choose detailed view and sort files or go to the parent folder. This is regardless of the wine version used, occurs both woth wine 3.03, default wine from winehq or the wine 5.7. This is annoying and adds lots of clicking to get to the proper folder. Is there any registry key etc. I can change to fix this?

Best regards and thank you in advance,

Bartosz M.

bartoldm Dimanche 24 Mai 2020 à 17:28

OK, the secret was to change the Wine version back to XP. 

Dadu042 Lundi 25 Mai 2020 à 5:23

Thanks for sharing.