Wine versions not loading on MacOS Catalina

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HotSaucey Lundi 6 Juillet 2020 à 15:54

The wine version manager is not loading any wine versions at all so I can't continue on to install Victoria II (which is a non-supported application).

I've been stuck at this for a few days now and I just updated my MacBook to macOS Catalina (v10.15.5) but the manager still hasn't loaded any wine versions. Before I updated my mac, the wine version manager said something along the lines of "wine packages website is unavailable" but now it is just blank. The playonmac version is 4.4 so it is the latest version that should work with Catalina.

Also, how do I get my steam copy of Victoria II as an executable file for playonmac to run? I want to avoid paying for another copy of the game just to get the executable file sad

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Shoddy_Peasant Dimanche 31 Octobre 2021 à 8:35
Shoddy_PeasantAnonymous You can download wine versions there, the upstream ones seem to be the only ones that work, download and unzip the tar.gz, and then go to ~/Library/PlayOnMac/wine and depending on which wine you downloaded (darwin-amd64 for 64 bit wine versions, and darnwin-x86) and make a folder with the name of the wine version you downloaded then unzip the tar.gz into that folder. I don't know if this answers your question but that's how you get different wine versions.