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How can I run apps that I can only get through their own setup wizards?

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TSwany Samedi 17 Octobre 2020 à 23:35

I've been wanting to play the PC version of Angry Birds but have been unable to do so because I cannot install the game unless I run through the Angry Birds installer/setup wizard, which does not save the game itself to my computer. How can I get applications like these which are accessible by installer only to work with PlayOnMac so I can get to play the game?

TSwany Mercredi 17 Mars 2021 à 23:06

bump because it has been 5 months and I am still having this issue. Nobody has responded and I would like an answer.


I have the Angry Birds Space Installer exe file, but the keyword is the installer. I don't have the actual game because I need the installer to get it, The only problem is I have to run the installer through POM and it asks me for a file directory to save the game to, but it thinks it's in a windows computer so it doesn't provide me with a way to get the actual game .exe file on my mac, or in the POM library. With no option, I hit continue, defeated, and it gives me an error and tells me to close it.

Dadu042 Jeudi 18 Mars 2021 à 23:42

Perhaps some useful infos :