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I need modify PlayOnLinux

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inukaze Mercredi 11 Novembre 2020 à 21:37

Hi there, from 11 days ago i am trying to download and install "Wine 5.15", well i had a problem with PlayOnLinux in "Manage Versions" because i can select to download, and wait 2-3 days the Wine package be downloaded.


But why PlayOnLinux automatically delete the file contains the Wine version ? How i can keep the file, that is the auto-option most useless for someone with a Slow Internet Connection. I am from Venezuela. and i must wait too much time for download a wine version.


I never has understand why between PlayOnLinux option does not exist "Keep Wine Installer" and "Resume Wine Download" because if the Internet Connection is interrupt, the Window of Wine Download just Stuck on "## MB" and never got fail or resume.


Or why don't offer between option the posibility to "Install Wine Directly from Package" if the user had download from : right now i am downloading manually for extract, and put in the right places the file content for making work with playonlinux.

Finally the package of Wine 5.12 (amd64) is not working just says

wine: failed to initialize: //lib/wine/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ever search their files in //lib, not in the relative path and because of that, that wine version not work.