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eggbean Jeudi 12 Novembre 2020 à 15:51


I am new to PlayOnLinux, so at this point I am unsure about how it works. I would like to learn how to add programs.

I have a Mikrotik router, so I wanted to use Winbox, which is the client for accessing Mikrtotik routers using a GUI.

The one here doesn't work. It should be very simple to make work, as it is just a single .exe file that is executed with no installation or additional files.

I am not sure if it because it is an old version of Winbox that it does not work or if there is some sort of network problem stopping access. Winbox works fine when using straight Wine.

The latest version of winbox.exe (32-bit version) can always be found here:

How would I get this working? Thanks

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eggbean Samedi 21 Novembre 2020 à 17:39

No help?

eggbean Samedi 21 Novembre 2020 à 17:40

I would also like to add the Wordweb dictionary program.

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