Steam is not showing games or any grapic design

I can login and interact with the navigations but it doesn't show any graphic design, game etc.

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tabworks Samedi 3 Avril 2021 à 15:00

I can login and interact with the navigations but it doesn't show any graphic design, game etc.

I'm using the latest POM and my macOS is 11.2.3 big sur

Gustywinds Lundi 12 Avril 2021 à 16:58

Same. Intel iMac running Big Sir 11.2.2

particlefeever Samedi 17 Avril 2021 à 23:24

The part of the app that uses a "web browser" won't work, as it seems. But there is a workaround for Catalina that is tu run with this parameters:

wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist

The source:

I'm curious to see the result, still working on GOG in my Big Sur, soon will get Steam...

jrdvt Dimanche 16 Mai 2021 à 0:40

On the workaround to this problem, nothing happens when I select Steam and click on Configure in PlayOnMac. I am running Big Sur, not Catalina as shown in the YouTube video.

TonyD Lundi 17 Mai 2021 à 13:39

Workaround works for me - I too am on Big Sur. Try rebooting Mac but before firing up Steam, just open PlayOnMac, select Steam and then click Configure.

jrdvt Lundi 17 Mai 2021 à 14:42

On my second reboot I could configure Steam and paste that command line, which showed my games in Steam. Of course I will need to install the Windows versions of any I want to play. I tried one, Tomb Raider 2013 since it is on the supported list. I needed to reduce the graphics settings quite a bit to get an acceptable frame rate, 49 FPS. The later TR games are more graphically demanding and the Mac native (non Steam) versions can barely run on my 2015 MB Pro with Radeon R9 370X graphics, so I assume those would be too much. I would need to buy Windows versions in Steam anyway. TR 2013 for Mac I already had in Steam, so I got the WIndows version free.

Is the dedicated graphics card recognized and used within PlayOnMac?