Installing Play On Linux in Ultumix

Dependencies won\'t install.

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ultumix Lundi 7 Juillet 2008 à 3:36

- Name of the Distribution (And it's version)
Ultumix GNU/Linux (based on Ubuntu 8.04)

- Name of the software and it's version (Ex: Wine 0.9.37)
Play On Linux

- Your desktop (KDE,Gnome,Xfce,Fluxbox...)
KDE 3.5 and Gnome

- Errors from the software. And if possible, tell when or/and when it happens.
"playonlinux depends on python-wxgtk2.8; however:
Package python-wxgtk2.8 is not installed."
So we try to install python-wxgtk2.8
"The following packages have unmet dependencies:
python-wxgtk2.8: Depends: python (< 2.5) but 2.5.2-0ubuntu1 is to be installed"

I'm not sure what Ubuntu's deal is with Python 2.5.2 and 2.4 that are installed but for some reason it does not like them. Why? What can I do?

- Your computer configuration.
Kick But Dual Core AMD AM2 2600 Mhz Computer with a 256 MB NVIDIA PCI Express Card 128 Bit! 2 GB of RAM.
ultumix Mardi 8 Juillet 2008 à 1:12

Problem Solved!

Disable extra repositories.
goofee691 Lundi 21 Juillet 2008 à 17:55

by disable extra repositories what do you mean because i have disabled all but the one needed for play on linux