Pop up windows are extremely small during installation

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RealYaddie Lundi 3 Mai 2021 à 23:57

So am trying to install a program using POL just like normal, however the windows that pop up during the creation of the wineprefix like the wine window that normally pops up to tell you that mono isn't installed are SUPER small and I can't resize the windows to press on ok( - the 2 black bars that you see are the 2 windows that popped up during the installation ). I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this same issue and know of a way to resolve this. 

Btw this error isn't specific to any one program am installing it happens with anything that I try to install.

Dadu042 Mardi 4 Mai 2021 à 10:01

I had this issue with Wine v2.x scripts. Need to use a newer Wine version (to change in POL/POM configuration panel).

Sometimes useful:

RealYaddie Mardi 4 Mai 2021 à 19:59

Thanks for the response, I'll use this lead to seriously help me out. I'll reply and share my results soon