PlayOnMac Wine Command Prompt

PlayOnMac Wine Command Prompt

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Goetz Jeudi 5 Aoüt 2021 à 13:18

Hi everyone,

I just ran a game for the first time. After I logged out I tried to "run" again, but unfortunately, it just opens the "Wine Command Prompt" window... What do I have to do in order to start the game again? I am new to that kind of stuff.


Many thanks

Dadu042 Jeudi 5 Aoüt 2021 à 19:06

-> Wiki

Goetz Jeudi 5 Aoüt 2021 à 19:48

Thanks for the advice, mate, I could not find a proper solution. is it normal that the console "wine command prompt" starts? I dont want to re-install it every time. I thought thats a common thing, which is quickly fixed.

It opens the "Wine Command Prompt". There are two lines:


Microsoft Windows 6.1.7601



That's it...

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