Feature Request - sort software by date added

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evild4ve Jeudi 23 September 2021 à 21:07

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this, it is just a suggestion.

The Install > Games dialog opens up a big list of available games that can be downloaded via PoL.

Some of them are things I had been looking for, others seem like things to try out - but inevitably most aren't of interest.

(This is a chore, because often there is little information pulled through into the client and they have to be looked up online for reviews)

The list expands, and several months later I want to look again to see if there is anything new

But I have to scroll through hundreds, or thousands of titles all over again when there might be only be a few dozen new ones

So I think it would be useful to sort them by the date they came onto PoL.

Another possibility might be something like an "Ignore" button if this is not patented - I guess it's not either or though: the more ways the user has the better

Dadu042 Samedi 25 September 2021 à 14:28

A kind of workaround is to monitor this thread: