Wine on ArchLinux: Installed Application (Cisco Jabber) does not detect Sound Device

Wine Test Sound works completely fine

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Eminol Mardi 12 Avril 2022 à 22:51

Hello together,


today we have installed Wine and PlayOnLinux on a fresh Arch Linux system. In PlayOnLinux we have created a 64-bit Windows 10 emulator where a softphone application (Cisco Jabber) is installed on. The Jabber works completely fine with regards to managing of phone calls, controlling the phone, etc., but unfortunately it does not detect any sound device of Wine.


On the other hand, Wine does successfully output a test sound within configuration of the emulator (in PlayOnLinux). It is just the Jabber who doesn't detect any available sound device.


Fun fact: On an older Debian version with Wine 6.0.3 everything worked fine about the sound.


Do you have any ideas where we could try to look for issues?

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