Creating a 64 bit virtual Drive?

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Johnrs117 Mercredi 27 Juillet 2022 à 23:03

When I'm Trying to play a new game, on my Mac I get an error screen on PlayonMac screen, "Error in POL_Wine
Starting 64-bit process /Applications/Cabin Corpse PC v031/Cabin Corpse VN.exe is not supported in 32-bit virtual drives". How do I adjust to the higher bit drive? 

Chipset Model:    Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640

  Type:    GPU

  Bus:    Built-In

  VRAM (Dynamic, Max):    1536 MB

  Vendor:    Intel

  Metal:    Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily2 v1



Color LCD:

  Display Type:    Built-In Retina LCD

  Resolution:    2560 x 1600 Retina

  Framebuffer Depth:    24-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

  Main Display:    Yes

  Mirror:    Off

  Online:    Yes

  Automatically Adjust Brightness:    No

  Connection Type:    Internal


Wine: It says "System" when going into configuration it says 6.0

So If i have to install a different Wine version, how do I implement it in and or changing the bit virtual drive from 34 to 64... Thank you, Kinda new to this whole thing :)